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108 Tips for Success in Your Business

Acharya Karan V – Every day is a new day at work, these 108 tips for success in your business will help you, no matter if you own an established brand or business house or even struggling with your new venture or even planning to start a business, you have to go through a new problem every day. Some of these problem have logical solution others do not have any logical solution or desired outcome, that is why the word ‘business’ is better explained as a phenomenon not science i.e. two plus two is not always four in business. Every situation cannot have same outcome, we can only pretend or forecast the best approach but then there hundred of aspects which varies the outcome. Through Astrology, Vaastu and Lal Kitab, I have tried to consolidate certain tips which can be applied to any form of business to get desired success, whether you are associated with online or specific country based business or export import, manufacturing or service sector etc. these 108 tips apply everywhere and definitely give you an extra edge over your competitors and ensure continuous progress throughout.

  1. For success in new business, one should take some seeds of black lentil (Urad Sabut) and revolve around his or her head 7 times anti clock wise and throw it in the business premises on Saturday evenings.
  2. If the business is suffering continuous losses, a pinch of wheat flour mixed with a pinch of regular salt and kept at both sides of the main entrance or cabin entrance of the owner work wonders.
  3. Keeping fast of Saturdays and worshipping Lord Hanuman helps in increasing the overall pace in business progress.
  4. Taking a lemon on Saturdays, revolving around the business place each and every corner and cutting it in four parts throwing it outside, safeguards one from sudden losses or disruption in ongoing business success.
  5. If you are already in to a successful venture and want to replicate same amount of success in your new business, so shift anything made of iron (chair, table or decorative item etc.) from existing business workplace to new place on Saturday.
  6. If your major work or project is stalling again and again due to unexpected reasons, you may cut lemon in four equal pieces and throw them in all four directions early morning.
  7. If you are facing false allegations or accusation or even legal proceedings due to business rivalries worship of Lord Hanuman and Lord Bhairav works wonder (both are specific powers of Lord Shiva).
  8. Concentration issues or frequent disinterest in work can be dealt by revolving small piece of alum around your head and throwing it outside the business place in north direction. It can be done on Fridays.
  9. Business disinterest or loss in focus issues can be dealt by visiting Lord Bhairav temple continuous for 8 Sundays.
  10. ‘Partnership Deeds or Agreements’ signing should be avoided on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  11. To strengthen the partnership, one should make sure to light a ghee lamp in front of Goddess Lakshmi idol or photo on Fridays at workplace.
  12. Keeping a water fountain near the main entrance of business premises helps boosting the sales.
  13. Donating some sweet eatables especially on Saturday before commencing your new business will be really helpful in ensuring the success.
  14. Offering Ladoos to Lord Ganesh on Wednesdays helps in getting maximum monetary benefits in the day today deals.
  15. If you are facing a problem or obstacle because of some specific person, write his name on a Pipal leaf with red sandalwood paste, fold the leaf and tie with red thread and keep it at nearby Lord Hanuman temple will help positively changing the entire scenario in your favour.
  16. For getting desired success in business presentation, one must start taking blessings from parents especially father in the mornings and reciting highly effective Gayatri Mantra in mind will help coping up with nervousness and low confidence.
  17. Same Gayatri Mantra should be recited while sprinkling Ganga Water at all corners of business place for peace and progress.
  18. Making a Swastik with turmeric powder near your work desk or outside the entrance helps boosting the trade.
  19. If you are going for a loan meeting with bank or want some investment from venture capitalist then piercing paper pin in lemon and throwing outside your house in the morning will make financial matters more favourable.
  20. The person born on 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month are more likely to get success in business fields related to agriculture, medicine, cloth, stationery, product and services related to election campaigns, arms and ammunition, gold and silver.
  21. The person born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month are more likely to get success in business fields related to photography, art, decorative items, scents & perfume, oils, music instruments, water & aerated drinks and gemstones.
  22. The person born on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month are more likely to get success in business fields related to products and services related to election campaigns, manufacturing, media production house, educational institute, medicine and medical equipments.
  23. The person born on 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of any month are more likely to get success in business fields related to telecommunication, electronics, ecommerce, restaurant, construction contract and gymnasium etc.
  24. The person born on 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month are more likely to get success in business fields related to accountancy firm, law firm, sweets shop, animal husbandry, construction, print house, media house, automobile workshop, chemical factory and book store.
  25. The person born on 6th, 15th and 24th of any month are more likely to get success in business fields related to movie production house, dance academy, acting school, cloth, medicine, sports academy or equipments manufacturing, hotel and cosmetics.
  26. The person born on 7th, 16th and 25th of any month are more likely to get success in business fields related to leather, plastic, automobile, driving school, health resort and chemical.
  27. The person born on 8th, 17th and 26th of any month are more likely to get success in business fields related to technical or manufacturing field, construction contracts, music academy, detective agency, oil, computers and art.
  28. The person born on 9th, 18th and 26th of any month are more likely to get success in business fields related to oven or furnace, electric technology, real estate, gymnasium, sports equipments, chemical, medicines and engineering equipment sale purchase.
  29. As an owner of the firm or company you must sit in the south west corner of the workplace with your face in the north or east, it applies to all business types or sectors.
  30. When it comes to shop or showroom, make sure to keep the most profitable item/product in the North West corner as display.
  31. Same is applicable in the property sale purchase if some plot is stuck and you want it to be sold then keep a copy of its ownership paper in the North West corner, it will be sold within no time.
  32. The sales and marketing team should sit facing north or east direction to generate maximum positive results.
  33. There should be no roof beam over the cash counter, safe or owner’s desk in the business premises to avoid obstacles in the success.
  34. South west corner is also for heavy items or storage warehouse. It ensures balance flow of energies.
  35. The main door of the premises and business owner’s cabin should face east or north direction for getting deals finalized at the earliest.
  36. To avoid workplace tensions and maintain overall healthy happy work environment, the cafeteria or kitchen should in the south east corner of the workplace which is related to fire energy.
  37. To avoid any fraud or losses, the accounts department or the accountant’s cubicle should in the north direction, giving the organization desired support in terms of overall progress.
  38. If you have cabin system for employees or there are various rooms with doors, then all doors at business place must be made open inwards.
  39. The reception area should be next to main entry, sometimes one has to walk through the passage with other departments on both sides to reach the reception area which is wrong.
  40. To improvise sales, the North and east walls especially north east corner of office reception area should be well decorated with plants and flowers (avoid plastic ones). If not possible then it should be well lit with bright lights.
  41. In hotels and resort, the swimming pool should be in north east corner for making the premises much more positive and famous among clients.
  42. To avoid obstacle and unexpected hindrances in overall trade growth, the main staircase should have odd number of stairs.
  43. The toilets or washrooms should be in south west corner or west corners of the office premises to constrain negative energies.
  44. The eating area or dining hall should be in west area or south east direction wherever possible.
  45. In the eatery business or restaurant the sales counter should be in North West direction to boost sales.
  46. In the horoscope the lord of 10th house (related to work or profession) is Sun which is exalted or placed in its own sign then the person can be successful in businesses related to cereal crop, gold and real estate sale purchase.
  47. In the horoscope the lord of 10th house (related to work or profession) is Moon which is exalted or placed in its own sign then the person can be successful in businesses related to rice, sugar, oxygen, petroleum products and automobile sale purchase.
  48. If 10th lord Mars is exalted or placed in its own sign then the person can be successful in businesses related to medicine, sugar, oxygen, petroleum products and automobile sale purchase.
  49. Mercury is exalted or placed in its own sign then the person can be successful in businesses related to readymade garments, FMCG and consultancy.
  50. Jupiter is exalted or placed in its own sign then the person can be successful in businesses related to education academy, books or publishing and motivation speaker.
  51. Venus is exalted or placed in its own sign then the person can be successful in businesses related to media, acting academy, import-export, hotel and sale-purchase of luxury goods.
  52. Saturn is exalted or placed in its own sign then the person can be successful in businesses related to iron, coal, chemical, oil, liquor and construction.
  53. Hospital or nursing home should not have main entrance of from South as it is the direction of lord of death (Yamraj) and can malign the overall reputation of the organization.
  54. The emergency or OPD ward of the hospital or nursing home should be in North West corner expediting the recovery of the patients.
  55. The intensive care unit (ICU) should be in North West direction with the patient’s heads should not be in north direction while lying on the bed, so that when they wake up and stand they should not be facing South direction.
  56. The maternity ward should be in north or north east direction and there should be no wards in the south west direction.
  57. In the hospital or nursing home the mortuary or post mortem room should be in south direction.
  58. In any business premises the lift or elevator should be in North direction. This tip is applicable for success in all sectors and industry types.
  59. In cinema hall or movie theatre the projection screen should be in North West or North direction.
  60. Outdoor games area or golf course in a resort should be in North or East directions to attract maximum membership.
  61. In an office or hotel the gymnasium should be in West direction but alcohol bar should not be in West direction.
  62. In a health club business, aerobics or Yoga room should be in North East direction. Avoid keeping any heavy exercise machinery in this corner.
  63. In a teaching academy the classrooms should be in East, North and West directions and while studying the students must face North or East direction. This will attract much better results and future progress for the institution.
  64. In education academy the staff or teacher’s room should not be in North West corner as it will cause instabilities in their mind and most of them will hop to other institutes very frequently.
  65. In a grocery shop the weighing scale should be kept in South or West directions.
  66. In an Ice cream factory and shop the cold storage should be in North West corner.
  67. In chemist shop no medicines should be stored in South West corner, as it will not only give negative vibes but the stock kept here will be difficult to sell off.
  68. In the textile unit, finished goods and sales team should sit in the North West corner premises this helps a lot in achieving sales target.
  69. Having roads on all four sides of industrial unit is always good. This tip is ideal for any sector or industry type business success.
  70. An entrance from East or North or North East direction is very much favourable for any manufacturing unit’s overall success.
  71. The entire planning if the factory should be such that maximum vacant spaces fall in the North and East directions.
  72. The centre (Brahmsthan) of the commercial plot should not have any beam or columns while constructing the building or shop. It hampers the overall business success.
  73. The big heavy machineries should be kept in the South West corner, and boilers, generator, kiln etc. should be in South East corner for maximum gains.
  74. At furniture showroom under-manufacturing or unpolished goods should be kept in South West and finalized or polished goods should be kept in North West Direction for boosting sales.
  75. Software & IT Sector Company should make its administration department in the north direction for getting maximum success in business.
  76. Automobile sales service unit should have repair workshop in west direction.
  77. Pharmaceutical company should have their research and development department in the East direction for more innovative business endeavors.
  78. Electronic or electrical manufacturing should have final assembly bay in the north direction of the entire unit.
  79. Large academic institution should have hostels or employee quarters in the west direction of the estate.
  80. This rule is applicable for all businesses that light motor vehicle parking should be in South East corner and heavy vehicle (loading / unloading) parking should be in South West corner.
  81. Steel or metal industrial unit should not have its furnaces in the east direction. This will attract huge business losses and obstacles in your success. Moreover welding work should be in South East direction.
  82. In heavy chemical industry the chemicals should be kept or stored in South direction.
  83. Automobile service centre the iron parts should be kept in West Direction and old parts or wastage should not be kept in the premises for long.
  84. Milk & Dairy firm should keep all its daily stock in the North West direction to attract maximum business.
  85. For success and maximum output in any company or industrial unit the workers team or machines should not be kept under the structural beam.
  86. Maximum employees should face East or North direction which is the simplest tip to ensure your business success.
  87. The North East direction is considered to be most auspicious and success giving, hence no matter which business you belong, one of the important tips is that you must keep this area clean and clutter free moreover no heavy machines or toilets in this direction.
  88. Doctor’s patient consultancy room should have blue or light green interiors and wall colours. This tip is equally applicable on main conference room in business houses.
  89. Publisher house or book shop should have light yellow, brown, or aqua /light green shades of interiors and wall colours for maximum success.
  90. Metal factory and shops selling metal goods should have yellow, golden cream, light orange or maroon colours of interior shades.
  91. Toy shop, children clothing or product or general store should have light blue, light pink, white or yellow shades to boost sales and profits.
  92. Easy tip for getting success in your furniture business showroom and hardware shop one must use yellow, light brown or light green shades in the interiors of the premises.
  93. For shops selling stone artifacts and sculpture the best colour tip is to use shades of yellow, cream, light brown or maroon for profitability.
  94. Cloth factory or shops selling clothes should have yellow, grey, light blue colours of interiors and wall paint.
  95. Gold and Fashion Jewellery Shop will start getting more profitable deals once you get the interior colours in the shades of cream, pink, light blue and white.
  96. Effective tip for getting success in your software IT business, one must use light green, white or any other light shades in the interiors of the premises.
  97. Hospitals, nursing homes and other organizations related with health sector should have white or light green colour shade interiors.
  98. Shoe factory should have shades of brown, orange or grey interiors and wall colours. This tip is equally applicable on any business related to leather like bag, belt etc.
  99. Hotel, restaurant or fast food joint should have yellow or cream shades to boost sales and profits.
  100. For steady growth banks, share trading offices and law firm or lawyer’s chamber should be painted in white, shades of blue or grey.
  101. Chartered accountant office or any business agency’s office should have cream, white or green for maximum success.
  102. Electrical, electronic or home appliances should have pink, light blue, light green or white interiors and wall colours attracting continuous profits.
  103. Beauty salon, cosmetics shop or related consultants must use shades of white, sky blue, yellow and cream colour on the interiors of their premises.
  104. Toy shop should have white, yellow, sky blue and pink colour shades in interiors and walls to attract maximum customers.
  105. Medicine shop or chemist shop should be painted in light pink, white or sky blue colours ensuring success of the venture.
  106. Coffee house, liquor shop or bar or small eatery should have yellow or grey shades.
  107. Property dealer or real estate agent should have light green or white colour shade interiors in the office.
  108. Motor repair or garage should be coloured in white, sky blue or grey shades interiors for success in business.


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