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Attract Someone you Love

Acharya Karan V – It is no doubt very much difficult to forget your love forever, no matter how hard one tries. He or she cannot forget the beautiful times shared together, missing every moment that you loved each other, these feelings are integrated part of our life which no one can avoid or suppress. Most people remain in contact with their ex girlfriends or boyfriends, maybe directly or through some common friend or make them part of their social networking profile’s friend list etc. The individual case of love break up could differ sometime you made your way to separation otherwise it could be your partner who initiated relationship break off, though latter is much more painful when you never get the real reason and things come to you as a bad surprise altogether.

It leads you to frustration sometimes depression, thinking what went wrong, how you can change things to be back on positive track, how you can attract your love? This question leads you to various sources for help as it could be one of the numerous online blogs for attracting someone you love or may be some consultant or astrologer or any common friend whom you want to mediate between you and your ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

In other scenario where you like someone the boy or girl could be from your social circle or completely unknown, in fact now a days it is very easy to get attracted to someone across the globe like you living in USA and your person of interest residing in completely different country like Australia, UK or even Canada etc. but due to consistent development in technology the physical distance has shorten, now you can call, chat or do video calling on various online platforms. So how to cope with these sort of relationship scenarios, how to attract someone you love?


Preparing Yourself – General Behavioral Tips
Attracting someone whom you love is NOT an easy task, no matter if he or she is your ex or you want to attract someone new into your life. The amount of preparation goes almost the same in every scenario. Importantly even after considering and working on all the possible aspects, one must be ready for the unexpected, which could be favorable or unfavorable still it is surely worth trying for your loved one.

  1. The entire procedure starts with introspection, which includes accepting your own faults, limitations and blunders (if committed any) during the relationship. If you are opting for the new relationship then you may consider possible disadvantages like your habits which he or she may not like, your anger or anxiety issue, paternal interferences, inter caste/religion relationship etc.
  2. Do not show eagerness or pleading facet of your personality, everyone requires sometime to accept any relationship or feelings. This implies more when you want to attract your ex lover, do not ‘over- communicate’ your feelings in any form, disturbing and forcing them to retaliate or stop all communication channels. This includes calling them continuously, following them on social networks or otherwise, making public comments on their pages, getting over friendlier with their own friends/known, sending gifts leading to discomfort etc.
  3. This does not mean you must do what all they want you to do, in such scenario it will surely lead to more frustration and could be chances that other person could take undue advantage of your liking toward him or her. So the best way is to ‘be you’, do not over indulge yourself in trying to impress your love this sometimes lead to deterioration in mutual respect, misunderstandings etc.
  4. Always show positive or cheerful side of yours. Yes, you may be missing him or her in your life but try to hide as much as you can. No one likes people in a bad mood, negative vibes or depressing talks about how he or she may be ignoring you for so many years etc. There are always so many other aspects of your life, except your love relationship, try to indulge in those because more fiercely you will try to chase anything it is ought to go far from you.


How Palmistry helps?
Although palmistry is a vast subject and has various aspects which one cannot understand until and unless he or she has undertaken full-fledged research on the subject for years. Hereby we will take some generic but useful tips, which can help you to understand some general behavioral pattern of the person whom you love and want to attract.

  1. If the ‘palm size’ of the person is relatively smaller than the average body size, it indicates person is very cautious about his or her finances, somewhat miser, so this means you have to pay for the coffee at your first date. On the other side if palm size are bigger that indicates person’s generous nature but these individuals are day dreamers and over ambitious when it comes to choosing their love relationships or life partners.
  2. If you notice ‘thumb’ it indicates flexibility or adaptability of the person, more rigid his or her thumb is more difficult would be to make them settle on your terms in a relationship or first meeting. An unusually small thumb in aspect to other overall palm size ratio indicates uncertainties and infidelity in the character.
  3. The area on the palm just below the thumb toward the wrist is known as ‘Venus Mount’ ideally it should be well developed. People with flat Venus Mount often restrain from any sort of love relationship commitments or family responsibilities etc. Any black sign or mole on Venus Mount on the palm indicates sexual diseases or over indulgence in sexual activities.


How Astrology helps?
If you are aware of basic concepts of astrology / kundali principles and fortunately you have birth details of the person whom you love and want to attract, then there are several indications which can surely help you. Otherwise you can take help of an astrologer who specializes in love or vashikaran matters.

  1. The planet ‘Venus’ plays an important role in determining the relationship aspect or love matters in any horoscope. But it is also said that if in main ‘Lagan Chart’ D1 – Venus is Exalted (Ucch) in Jupiter Sign then it can lead to isolation or permanent love relationship failure moreover it is an indication of person becoming saint.
  2. Second planet which you need to consider is Mars with its position in both ‘Lagan Chart’ or ‘Chandra Chart’ in someone’s horoscope, so if it is placed in any of the house i.e. 12th, 1st, 4th, 7th or 8th house. The person is said to be ‘Manglik’ and this signifies problems in his or her love relationship, marriage or marital life aspect etc.
  3. Coming back to Venus, if in the D1 chart there is conjunction between Venus and Rahu, they are placed together in any house can lead to multiple love affair or infidelity.
  4. If there is ‘Paap Kartari Dosh’ on either ‘Lagan House’ or 7th House, which means they are surrounded by evil planets on both the sides. Then it will become difficult to attract him or her in your life, as they will always have problems in their relationship throughout.
  5. Similar goes with ‘Anant Kaal Sarp Dosh’ (Rahu in 1st & Ketu in 7th House) & Takshak Kaal Sarp Dosh (Rahu in 7th & Ketu in 1st house), it becomes really difficult to attract someone you love in the given circumstances.


Useful Remedies to Attract & Marry Someone you Love

  1. Chanting Lord Krishna Mantra or visiting Lord Krishna Temple daily or if not possible then at least on Thursdays , and offering flute, betel leaves works wonder in love attraction cases.
  2. Offering of Red cloth (woolen or cotton) on Goddess Durga on Tuesdays helps a lot in any relationship matters, this remedy can be used for bringing love, peace and happiness in marital life.
  3. Donating milk or sweets made from milk on Fridays and other related remedies of Planet Venus.
  4. Avoid buying black dress or purse/bag etc. for your love, also try not to meet or go on a date on moonless nights.
  5. You may write your name with the name of person you love and want to attract on a piece of paper with red ink and keep it somewhere safely dipped in a honey bottle.
  6. While meeting for the first time with someone you want to attract, you must not face south direction while sitting in a cafe or restaurant etc.
  7. If you are looking for an early marriage with your lover you must put a pinch of turmeric in your bathing water especially on Thursdays.

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