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Beej Mantras for Curing Health Problem and Diseases

Acharya Karan V – It is said that the whole world is depend upon ‘Shakti’ i.e. strength. Further this strength could be physical or mental or divine. In case of a seed, it is its own strength which transforms it in to a tree. So it wouldn’t be wrong by saying that the entire strength of the growth cycle of a tree is hidden inside the seed itself. Without this seed strength no tree or plant can grow. Similarly in cases of Mantras, the seed or Beej mantras are highly essential to get the desired outcomes.

These are generally one or two words in between which have distinct sounds and generates the related vibrations to reach the ‘Siddha’ state of any Mantra. One can modify or strengthen any mantra with the help of these Beej Mantras, like for example the Lord Ganesh Mantra which is very popular ‘Om Ganpatay Namah’, if we add the Beej Mantra ‘Gan’ in the same ‘Om Gan Ganpatay Namah’ it will make it more powerful and effective. These Beej Mantras are used to get the results faster and more accurately. Although either they can be merged into an existing mantra or they can be recited individually to get desired success within limited time frame.

If somebody is suffering from any health problem or disease so along with conventional treatment given by your family doctor or medical practitioner, one must use these Beej Mantras in order to expedite the recovery process. Although it wouldn’t be advisable to simple depend only on these Beej Mantras, though in earlier times there are lot of references of certain diseases getting cured only by mantras but now a days without regular practise of these mantras and absence of learned Guru it would be risky. But with the regular medical or allopathic treatment going on, one can surely have much more benefit by reciting these Beej Mantras as they have special vibrations on various chakras and body parts leading to faster recovery and overall positivity. They should be used as an effective add on to the recovery process not substituting the regular medicines or treatment.

These mantras can either be clubbed with other mantra or could be recited alone like for example Goddess Lakshmi Beej Mantra ‘Shreen’, which is said to be very beneficial for financial problems can be recited in three ways like for example ‘Om Shreen’ or ‘Om Shreen Namah’ or adding it to any other mantra ‘Om Shreen Mahalakshmay Namah’ or ‘Om Shreen Gan Ganpatay Namah’. All mantras will be equally beneficial but as it is a thumb rule, long mantras with more words take longer time period to get energized /realized or show desired results. The basic principle of Beej Mantra is to make things faster so one can surely start off with the smallest version to get immediate benefits. These mantras can be recited with the help of rosary (mala) of Rudraksha, but sometimes the individual isn’t in that position to sit and recite the mantra. In those scenarios one can recite them in his or her mind every time, while sitting, walking, laying on the bed etc.


1. Overall Health Benefits and Diseases Related To Indigestion, Liver and Kidney – ‘Om Hun Namah’

2. Eyes Related Problems, Anxiety, Insomnia, Skin Rashes, Acne, Hair Fall and Scalp Related Problems – ‘Om Ain Namah’

3. Asthma, Cough and Cold – ‘Om Hreen Namah’

4. Gastric Problem, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Other Serious Diseases – ‘Om Ain Namah’

5. Sexual Diseases, Problems Related to Menstrual Cycle, Overall Activeness – ‘Om Lam Namah’

6. Concentration Issues, Focus, and Self Confidence – ‘Om Yan Namah’

7. Sugar, Body Pains & Overall Fitness – ‘Om Bam Namah’

8. Stammering, Speech related Problems, ENT Issues and Hernia – ‘Om Shan Namah’


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