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Beej Mantras for Curing Health Problem and Diseases

Acharya Karan V – It is said that the whole world is depend upon ‘Shakti’ i.e. strength. Further this strength could be physical or mental or divine. In case of a seed, it is its own strength which transforms it in to a tree. So it wouldn’t be wrong by saying that the entire strength […]

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Mantra Remedies

Acharya Karan V – “What we say to ourselves, we do it”, is a popular maxim that brings into light the power of whatever we utter or say to us and others. Whatever we utter is heard by us also, invoking certain feelings and emotions deep down within us, shaping the core values about our […]

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Goddess Durga Worship and Significance of Navratri

Acharya Karan V – In India, Festivals are a way of spreading happiness and celebrating faith. Festivals do a wonderful act of harmonizing people and strengthening their trust in God. There are some festivals that are celebrated for a specified period of days as opposed to others those are over in a day only. Navratri […]

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Q – Marianne, Encinitas, CA USA – What are Shabar mantras, how they are different from other regular mantras?

Karan Sekhri – Mantras are believed to have been revealed to our ancestors ages ago by the divine powers and have been passed on so to our generation. They are encoded in the holy texts and sacred books. It is also said that the Yogis, Brahmins and Rishis of that time saw the future of […]

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Q- Gaurav Mahapatra, Orissa, India – What are ten main forms of ‘Shakti’ with their beej mantras?

Karan Sekhri – Ten main forms of Shakti also known as ten great knowledge streams are ‘Kali’ beej mantra is ‘Kreen’, ‘Tara’ beej mantra is ‘Stree’, ‘Chinnmasta’ beej mantra is ‘Hoon’, ‘Buvneshwari’ beej mantra is ‘Hroon’, ‘Shodashi’ beej mantra is ‘Aim’, ‘Tripurbhanavi’ beej mantra is ‘Hreem’, ‘Dhoomavati’ beej mantra is ‘Dhoon’, ‘Baglamukhi’ beej mantra is […]

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Q – Saurabh Patel, Vadodara, Gujarat, India – What are the nine forms of Goddess Durga and their respective ‘Beej’ Mantras?

Karan Sekhri – The Nine forms of Goddess Durga are ‘Shailputri’ beej mantra is ’Shan’, ‘Brahmacharini’ beej mantra is ‘Bran, ‘Chandraghanta’ beej mantra is ‘Ch’, ‘Kushmanda’ beej mantra is ‘Kreen’, ‘Skandmata’ beej mantra is ‘San’, ‘Katayani’ beej mantra is ‘Kron’, ‘Kaalratri’ beej mantra is ‘Leen’, ‘Mahagauri’ beej mantra is ‘Shreen’ and ‘Siddhidatri’ beej mantra is […]

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Q – Harshit Sharma – Delhi, India – I have analyzed the meaning of most of the mantras they are quite simple prayers, so can’t we just say it in our normal day today language or any other foreign language?

Karan Sekhri – Yes you are right. Every mantra if translated in Hindi or English has a very simple meaning or in the sense it’s a simple prayer to the concerned God or Goddess or motive. I would explain this complex ‘Mantra’ phenomenon with an example hope this would simplify the things bit more. If […]

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