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Marriage Compatibility

Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Acharya Karan V – Marriage is an important aspect in anyone’s life, whether boy or girl everyone wants to get settled in their lives with their respective partners. If you take examples of families of Asia, it is the responsibility of the family to get their respective daughter or son married with a suitable life […]

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Are You A Victim Of An Abusive Relationship?

Abusive relationships can be quite detrimental if the signs of one are not recognized early. An abusive partner, sometimes not being aware of his extreme behaviour, can take drastic steps such as physically assaulting a female or usurping her freedom. Most of the abusive relationships, if not remedied immediately, end up as domestic violence. Psychologically, […]

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Do Expectations ruin relationships?

Unconditional love is something we all receive from our mothers when we are kids. In all the cultures of the world, mothers are regarded next to God. As a kid grows up receiving the gift of unconditional love from his mother, it gets registered in his subconscious to be the purest form of love where […]

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Does age difference affect Love Compatibility?

As love blossoms between two individuals, in the initial phase, both the partners tend to see the bright side of each other’s personality. But, after spending some time with each other, the initial feelings tend to wear off with both looking at each other in a more pragmatic way. Besides considering each other’s behaviour and […]

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Marriage – End of Love or Start of a Beautiful Journey?

The institution of marriage is a well-thought of relationship that provides security and integrity to a couple. As an individual becomes mature, it’s quite normal for him or her to look for a more stable and long-lasting relationship in life. Marriage provides that stability and helps one remain focused in pursuing other goals in life. […]

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Saying goodbye to your Love – Compatibility Issues

“Pleasure comes with pain” is a saying that holds quite true for someone one has had a breakup. One having had a breakup usually mulls it over many times, causing a lot of anguish, comparing this unfavourable event with the good time one spent with his or her partner. The pain and frustration one goes […]

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Love Relationship – Stop a Fight Before It Starts

It is a common phenomenon to have little arguments when one is in a relationship. Arguments when taken constructively in the form of discussions can lead to a fulfilling and understanding bond lasting over a longer period of time. These arguments help a couple develop better understanding for each other’s emotions and make one aware […]

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Q – Sachin Sharma, Bhopal, India – What is ‘Nadi’ Dosha?

ACHARYA KARAN V – Basically we consider ‘Nadi’ aspect while horoscope matching for marriage purposes. While following ‘Ashtkoot Guna’ matching methodology. The consideration is done on following Ashtkoota i.e. Varn, Vaishya, Tara, Yoni, Grahmaitri, Gan, Rashi and last but not the least Nadi. Among all these Nadi has been given maximum points i.e. 8. So […]

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Q – Patricia, Bristol, UK – Is there any numerological method to select a partner for marriage purpose?

Karan Sekhri – Yes there is but better would be to consider all the three methodologies i.e. astrology, numerology and palmistry. As you have asked about Numerology which is the easiest among the three, you have to add the date of birth to get total single number like a person born on 09-03-1980 so you […]

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Q – Sushma Mehra, Mumbai, India – Karan ji please explain manglik perspective while checking marriage compatibility?

Karan Sekhri – Manglik is a technical term used in astrology. A person has to have some basic knowledge about horoscope to check planet Mars (Mangal) position in one’s lagna or natal chart.  If Mars is placed in Lagna (first house), fourth house, seventh house, eighth house and twelfth house in the natal chart then […]

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Q – Deepshika, California, USA – Could you please explain how many ‘Gunas’ are required for best marriage compatibility?

Acharya Karan V – ‘Gunas’ is an astrological term which is used while checking the compatibility of bride and groom. One can check them through different astrological software available and also through manual horoscope reading. There are 36 Gunas in total among which minimum 18 should definitely match. Any Gunas varying from 18 to 30 […]

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