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Cheiro’s Numerology Numbers

Acharya Karan V – The mathematics and numbers have played an important role in human development. In ancient times, people started using number system when bartering or exchanging goods. For example, if one is giving five goats, he expects at least one sack of rice and one cow in return. This was soon replaced by […]

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Q – Satish Patel, New York, USA – How can I modify my name for luck purposes?

Karan Sekhri – In numerology every alphabet is designated with a digit. The list is like this alphabets A, I , J, Q, Y represents 1, alphabets B, K, R represents 2, alphabets C, G, L, S represents 3, alphabets D, M, T represents 4, alphabets E, H, N, X represents 5, alphabets U, V, […]

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Q – Jyoti Arora – Ludhiana, Punjab, India – I don’t believe in any of these sciences like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vaastu etc? Should I believe in them?

Karan Sekhri – ‘Belief’ is term which cannot be imposed or convinced to someone, it comes automatically from one’s inner self or conscience. I am no one to decide for you. In fact nobody taught you about heat, cold, wet, dry etc. You yourself experienced them may be the linguistic terminology was taught to you. […]

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