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Profession Career Problem

Astrology Solution for Job Related Issues

Acharya Karan V – Whether it is start of your career or you are already working at a top post in a renowned company, there are several issues that bother you apart from your day today working as an employee. There is astrology solution to every type of job related issues including interview fail, career […]

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Feng Shui Remedies for Success and Peace

ACHARYA KARAN V – The ultimate goal of humans is to have a peaceful co-existence with their surroundings. To achieve the same, many philosophies of life have been devised by numerous cultures. Feng Shui is such an attempt to develop harmony with the environment so that we, as well as other living beings in our […]

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What is the Key ingredient of Success?

Acharya Karan – Success has various parameters and ingredients, it may have various aspects to various people as well. Some people may considered reaching to ‘A’ stage in life or ‘B’ stage or even acquiring any specific item like money, house, fame, beautiful wife etc. Some people say ‘Intelligence’ is the key ingredient, but in […]

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Q – Monish Sen, Kolkata, India – What is Gandmool (or Mool) Dosha?

Karan Sekhri – When a child is born he / she would be under one of the 27 Nakshatras. These 27 Nakshatras are further grouped into 12 Rashis or Moon Signs. So for calculation purpose it would be around 2.25 ‘Nakshatra’ in one Rashi. There are three unique places where Nakshtra and Rashi change simultaneously […]

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Q – Jane, Newcastle, England – I am working as a sales manager in a company, my problem is anger which is destroying my professional life how should I control it?

Karan Sekhri – Anger has a gradual progression table consisting of 4 ‘Ds’ i.e. ‘Desires’ leads to ‘Disappointment’, ‘Disappointment’ leads to ‘Distress’, ‘Distress’ drives you mad (anger) which leads to ‘Destruction’. So say NO to ‘Desires’ will lead to NO ‘Disappointments’ to NO Anger and further NO ‘Destruction’. In current scenario it not easy to […]

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Q – Mohit Khanna, Delhi, India – Have been trying for various competitive exams but no success, can you please guide some rules or remedies as per ‘Vaastu’ which could be beneficial?

Karan Sekhri – ‘Vaastu’ wise there are few things which you can incorporate in your home or daily routine to get success in your exams and overall studies. >> Three directions i.e. ‘North’, ‘East’ and ‘North-East’ are always favorable for students. So if possible either make your study room in the room falling in one […]

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Q – Prasad.J, Chennai, India – I am a lawyer generally what days would be beneficial for filing a case on behalf of my client?

Karan Sekhri – It depends on case to case also clients birth details but generally Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays (if court is open) will be beneficial. Although Fridays are also good other days should be avoided.

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