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Benefits of Rudraksha

Acharya Karan V – For a staunch believer, performing certain rituals recommended by the chosen religion can certainly bring good results. If the rituals are executed with full faith and given guidelines, one is bound to reap the good benefits. Wearing a “Mala” or string made of the beads of Rudraksha is one of those […]

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Q – Naveen, Dubai, UAE – Which Rudraksha is good for ‘Kaalsarp Dosha’?

Karan Sekhri – Rudraksha is not appropriate remedy for ‘Kaalsarp Dosha’ they are generally referred and meant useful for health (mental, physical and spiritual) related issues. But in some particular cases it is observed that they have proven to be effective in other genre of issues as well. As for ‘Kaalsarp’ in someone’s horoscope or […]

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Q – Kapil Srinivas, Hyderabad, India – Do ‘Rudraksha’ originate in India?

Karan Sekhri – Yes, Rudraksha do originate in India. Importantly we are one of the largest stockiest of Rudraksha. The places like Haridwar and Rishikesh are the largest markets for Rudraksha but if we analyze origination or production then Indonesia is the largest producer of Rudraksha bead. After Indonesia comes Nepal, India and other places. […]

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Q – Geeta Kapoor, Mumbai, India – How can I find if the Rudraksha is genuine or fake?

Karan Sekhri – Every year people spend thousands of dollars on buying genuine ‘Rudraksha’ from all over the world. In fact it is one of the most commonly used remedy in spiritual and astrological sciences. There are different popular methodologies to check the genuineness of the Rudraksha but as a layman it is still very […]

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Q – Sanjeev, Harrisburg, USA – Generally how many faced Rudrakshas are there?

Karan Sekhri – One faced (Ek Mukhi) Rudraksha is a form or Lord Shiva himself, Two faced (Do Mukhi) Rudraksha is a form of ‘Har Gauri’ or ‘Ardhnariswar’, Three faced (Teen Mukhi) Rudraksha is a form of Lord Brahma, Four faced (Char Mukhi) Rudraksha is a form of ‘Four Faced Lord Brahma’, Five faced (Panch […]

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Q – Shikhar Verma, Dubai – What is the mythological reference of Rudraksha?

Karan Sekhri – According to ‘Skand Purana’ after killing the ‘Tripurasur’ demon Lord Shiva was taking rest on a mountain. Where his four drops of tears fell on the ‘Shail Mountain’ and that was the origination of four trees which contained ‘Rudraksha’ inside their fruits.

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Q – Davie, Orlando, Florida, USA – What is Rudraksha? Is it man made or some fruit?

Karan Sekhri – ‘Rudraksha’ is scientifically known as ‘Elaeocarpus Ganitras Roxb’. It is neither manmade nor a fruit. It’s actually a seed. According to Hindu mythology it is related to Lord Shiva, the tears of Lord Shiva. ‘Rudra’ signifies Lord Shiva ‘Aksha’ signifies tears. Not only it has important significance in astrological remedies, spiritual rituals […]

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