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Acharya Karan V – Love is beyond any so called social bindings, it sees no culture, caste or language even geo political boundaries. It can happen anywhere to anyone who understands and reciprocate your emotions well. Although in modern times with the help of technology these so called bindings are diminishing day by day but […]

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Acharya Karan V – Attraction is a natural phenomenon, this attraction gradually converts into love which further develops a bond of relationship and then it’s very often that problems arises de several reasons and circumstances. Sometimes it’s because your partner feels he or she is being continuously ignored, distance issue, tensions due to some third […]

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Love Vashikaran Solution

Acharya Karan V – Love Vashikaran is an integral part of ancient spiritual methodologies, prevailing in India and other parts of Asia since centuries. It has its prominent references in Vedas as well as other authentic old spiritual literatures including the defined solution to cater to specific situation or person through this sacred procedure of […]

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Attract Someone you Love

Acharya Karan V – It is no doubt very much difficult to forget your love forever, no matter how hard one tries. He or she cannot forget the beautiful times shared together, missing every moment that you loved each other, these feelings are integrated part of our life which no one can avoid or suppress. […]

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Winning Your Lover Back Remedies

Acharya Karan V – Winning your lover back becomes ‘a necessity’ when you find yourself in a situation, where there is no one as understanding, loving or caring as your lover was once. Ex boyfriend or girlfriend who could be still in touch with you if you are lucky but in most of the cases […]

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How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Acharya Karan V – It is very common in today’s time that one person had certain relationship or liking toward a girl and then due to certain reasons he might have to move on or break up the love relationship. This could be due to change in place of living or likings or preferences or […]

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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

Acharya Karan V – There are many reasons for relationship break ups, but in certain scenarios the situation turns and you start missing your ex boyfriend which leads you to search for the right solution or tips to how to get your ex boyfriend back. There could be several reasons for separation in your love […]

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Is it Possible to Get Your Lost Love Back?

Acharya Karan V – Sometimes it happens that when you are in a love relationship, you take things for granted, start prioritizing other not so important things of your life and gradually a series of misunderstandings result in losing your love of life forever. The reasons for such break ups could be many some of […]

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How to Get Back Your Love?

Acharya Karan V – There are times when some individuals aren’t that lucky to get settle down with their respective girl friend or boyfriend as life partners. This could happen due to various reasons ranging from small misunderstandings, involvement of any third person who becomes the reason for this break-up or change in priorities especially […]

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Saying goodbye to your Love – Compatibility Issues

“Pleasure comes with pain” is a saying that holds quite true for someone one has had a breakup. One having had a breakup usually mulls it over many times, causing a lot of anguish, comparing this unfavourable event with the good time one spent with his or her partner. The pain and frustration one goes […]

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Communication Deepens Your Love Relationship

Of all the living beings on earth, we have developed an amazing communication system that can help us express our feelings and demands lucidly. Communication or interpersonal skills helps us understand others and resolve issues. We can convey our deepest fears, our innermost emotions and hidden desires using communication, thereby depicting what kind of person […]

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Love Relationship – Stop a Fight Before It Starts

It is a common phenomenon to have little arguments when one is in a relationship. Arguments when taken constructively in the form of discussions can lead to a fulfilling and understanding bond lasting over a longer period of time. These arguments help a couple develop better understanding for each other’s emotions and make one aware […]

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Sometimes Jealously Can Ruin Your Love Relationship

Poets have compared love to breeze – a gentle pleasant gust of wind. When it comes, it sweeps one off the feet, filling one with lot of excitement and hope. When one is in love, one has his or her attitude completely changed towards everything surrounding them. Everyone tends to see life positively with the […]

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How to get back your True Love?

Acharya Karan – Its human nature to have a desire to be loved. We all want to be loved and respected. Right after we become conscious of our surroundings, we seek attention, first from our parents and, after growing a little, from a special person whom we consider close. We all have this innate desire […]

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Is Vashikaran Helpful in Long Distance Relationships?

Acharya Karan – People ask me often, whether Vashikaran or Love Hypnosis techniques work in long distant relationship, when the girl or boy is in one place and other loved one or the person whom they like is in other. These places could be situated in one country, like two states or there are cases […]

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Love Hypnosis

Is commitment really important in Love? Love is a feeling that makes us see reality in a different way. When one is in love, one feels on cloud nine, with everything surrounding him or her appearing to have a sense of cheerfulness. One tends to believe that everything will be all right from now onwards […]

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Getting back your Ex

It is quite common for people, sometimes, to come face to face with the confusing state of deciding whether they are in love or it is just infatuation. One may usually feel sudden liking for a classmate, a colleague or a neighbour and if the interaction becomes frequent, one may start wondering if he or […]

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Vashikaran – Art of Love Attraction

For ages, people have been pondering over on how to define love. Poets have tried to express it through their poems, painters have spread colours on the canvas, trying to depict it through the stroke of their brushes, sculptors have toiled hard with their hammer and chisel, carving their form of love in stone, musicians […]

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Art of Attraction – How to catch the attention of someone?

Acharya Karan – Everyone wants to be in the centre of his own social circle or otherwise as a nodal person or famous in the society. This attraction desire has two aspects, one being famous in general other aspect even more important is to attract someone who is special in your life. This individual could […]

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