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Health Home Remedies – II

Acharya Karan V – The technology has given us so much that most of us cannot survive without it, it has made us depended upon it. These comforts and luxuries have become integral part of our lifestyle, we have given our self so much in terms of ideal environment in terms comfortable sitting place in office with climate control round the clock, minimizing all sort of physical activities, usage of cars, lifts moreover living a life which is far from nature but said to be luxurious. We have expensive homes facing lush greenery and parks etc. but these homes are completely dust free, air conditioned and have glasses to avoid direct sunlight.

Let us discuss another aspect of basic health home remedies i.e. ‘our food intake’, our world is divided in different regions (climatic condition wise), every region irrespective of country has unique eating habits, foods, recipes, and spices and cultures etc. Person can eat food with heavy fat in Tundra region and digests the same without any issue. Same applies with spicy food of warm/ southern regions like South America or India, have extensive usage of chilies and other locally grown spices.

Now let’s combine the above two aspects, we have made our lives so technological advance that we are always living in a controlled ideal environment i.e. ideal room temperature round the clock, minimal physical activity and sunlight, no natural air and life full of gadgets etc. but on the other hand have we really changed our food habits accordingly? The answer is NO. In fact we have extended our palate to global cuisines. An individual’s life is totally cut off from its natural environment, living in southern hot place or city but at the same time he is completely unaffected with the natural humidity and heat, there may be 50 degree Celsius temperature outside, but he enjoys comfortable 20 degree throughout due to state of the art air-conditions in our home and office. But he or she is eating out rich traditional food which is full of spices and this is equally applicable in colder regions where one has climate control due to electrical heating plants and minimal physical activities, throughout the day due to nature of work but he is having heavy traditional food full of meat, oil and other fats. This aspect is very much responsible for inviting health troubles. We like to moderate of extreme climatic conditions, have luxuries but at the same time we do not want to modify or cut down our meals, we want to stick to traditional rich diets inviting health problems. So it always suggested modifying one’s palate as per ‘real time’ living situation not what traditionally or culturally have existed as a preferred food items since ages. It is the most simple health home remedies which one can do to avoid so many diseases.


1. Eating black sesame seeds with some curd, twice daily reduces piles.
2. Drinking one teaspoon of milk, mixed with glass full of water twice or thrice a day.
3. Making Pomegranate juice or as a fruit, integral part of daily food diet is very much beneficial health home remedy for piles.


1. Putting 1-2 drops of fresh green coriander juice in eyes keep them healthy.
2. If you spend maximum hours watching computer or mobile screen then keeping cotton pads soaked in milk (room temperature) on your closed eyes gives tremendous relief.
3. Eating 2-3 almonds soaked in water overnight is a health home remedy to clear vision.
4. Taking 1-2 Triphala tablets daily (or in powder form) also reduces eye stress and enhances vision health.


1. Drinking Kokum (Garcinia indica) juice daily helps in reducing insomnia.
2. Red Onion pickle is also one such health home remedy which cures this disease in the long run.


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Bhoomeeka J, Nashville, USA – Dear Acharya Karan, for last couple of years I have been taking extensive medication to cure insomnia and stomach sensitivity, all in vain. Finally I got in touch with you, your astrological analysis, healing tips and remedies really surprised me. Honestly I am very much grateful for making my life wonderful again.

Arvind, Mumbai, India – Guruji, Sadar Pranaam, meri Health mein ab kafi sudhaar hai. Mera mobile shop business bhi ab thik hai. Mere Ladke ka Padai mein mann nahi lagta Kirpya uska kuch bataye. Dhanyawaad. Charan Sparsh

Mohan D, Vijayawada, India – Hello Guru Garu, thanks for bringing me out of chronic depression. I was about to leave my job and family to take sanyaas forever but now I think things have settled in my personal life and feel really active and motivated health wise. Thanks once again.


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