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Health Home Remedies

Acharya Karan V – The concept of health home remedies are there since ages in all parts of the world, irrespective of culture and climatic conditions. There are list of regions specific health home remedies mentioned on various sources, but in this article I have tried to choose and mention only those remedies which can be easily done everywhere no matter which part of the globe you are living in. The usage of simple and easily available ingredients will help you in getting relief from your health problem or prolonging issue, but it is strictly advised that these are not medicines but a supplement therapy more of a precautionary measures (way of living) to help you in making your live much more healthier and happier.

  1. To start with Discontent, Dishonesty, Ego, Anger and Jealousy have NO cure. They will definitely lead your life to unending sorrows. One must avoid these 5 behavioral features as much as possible.
  2. Taking Triphala Powder or tablets first thing in the morning before any meal can save you from many diseases like cold, cancer, heart diseases, high cholesterol levels, hair fall, skin disorder, constipation etc.
  3. Sprouts can be eaten raw or lightly cooked/boiled can help in reducing diabetes and boost health to the heart.
  4. Basil leaf (Tulsi) in the juice form or taken regularly in tea can save you from diseases like indigestion, cough, cold, respiratory problems and is very beneficial for people working in environment with high air pollution.
  5. Combination of ginger and basil leaf in juice form can be taken 1-2 teaspoon after meal. It will prevent indigestion or gastric issues.
  6. Jamun (Indian Blackberry) are very much beneficial in all sorts of diseases related to stomach, liver, diabetes, reducing bad breath problem etc. It can be taken raw as a fruit or in vinegar form i.e. 1 small teaspoon daily.
  7. Ajwain (carom seed) is a popular Indian spice which has medicinal value giving relief in acidity, colic, indigestion, constipation, vomiting and piles etc.
  8. There are several points on one’s palm which contains nerves connected to various body parts, it s very common acupressure technique to press/rub those points on a daily basis to get improvement in specific health problem. The easier version is to clap your hands daily for 5-10 minutes. This clapping should be firm and on same rhythm, also make sure that you clap in a manner that the entire palm area and fingers are covered. It will not only save you from several diseases (overall wellness) but also it can give tremendous improvement in problems like eyesight, asthma, blood pressure, sugar, hair fall, constipation, neck and body pains.
  9. Dried Anjeer (common figs) are very good for weight loss, 1-2 anjeer should be taken in breakfast or can be boiled in water. This water should be consumed on a daily basis it reduces blood pressure, good source of calcium etc.
  10. Roasted Garlic are very much effective as health home remedies for various problem and general wellness as well, but there is a misconception that using garlic in food gravies will be equally good. No, though ingredient Garlic is the same but using it regularly in food or gravies is separate thing and eating it roasted 1-2 cloves as a medicine is totally different concept. Slow roasting enhances its medicinal value and it gives miraculous results in problems like constipation, fever, cough, cold, toothache etc.




  1. Taking 1-2 pinches of Ajwain (carom seed) along with butter milk once in a day helps in curing constipation.
  2. Eating 1-2 Apples early morning, chewing every bite for long before swallowing reduces constipation.
  3. Drinking fresh orange juice (avoid tinned or packaged) half a glass daily gives tremendous relief.
  4. Eating bananas is a good option but one must understand unripe banana augments constipation whereas a ripe banana cures it.
  5. Dried Anjeer (Common Fig) 1-2 pieces boiled in 1 liter of water and consumed daily helps in curing chronic constipation.
  6. Eating 1-2 roasted garlic in the night after dinner is a sure shot home remedy.




  1. Taking a small teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed with a bowl of curd on a daily basis can help reducing Jaundice in a week or two. Same can be done with a glass full of cow’s milk or butter milk.
  2. Sugarcane in a raw form or juice helps a lot in curing this disease. One must take sugarcane in either form to recover quickly.




  1. Sun drying mango tree leaves, making a powder out of them and taking a pinch or two daily with water helps a lot in kidney stone.
  2. Include a small fresh apple & carrot juice in your daily breakfast if you have a family history of this disease.
  3. Drinking coconut water helps in reducing the pain.
  4. Taking red Onion juice (mixed with little sugar), 2-3 tablespoon daily. It can be taken twice or thrice a day to get immediate relief.
  5. Including Chaulai & Bathua (leafy vegetables) in daily meals works miracles.



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