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Acharya Karan V – Attraction is a natural phenomenon, this attraction gradually converts into love which further develops a bond of relationship and then it’s very often that problems arises de several reasons and circumstances. Sometimes it’s because your partner feels he or she is being continuously ignored, distance issue, tensions due to some third person interfering in the love relationship, marriage obstacle or family issues etc. these reasons could be many but has same result that is separation.

So either you evolve with the ever deteriorating situation of your love relationship and accept the failure or you try to put all your efforts to rectify things. Venus is said to be one of the main planet when it come to love relationship this planet has similar significance in across all science whether its astrology or palmistry. So it becomes very important to assess the position and its aspect power to analyze the love relationship problem. Here in this article we will discuss the astrology aspect of it and remedies to overcome it. These lal kitab remedies will not only help in any sort of love related problem but they are very much effective in increasing the level of understanding and strengthening the bond in existing relationship or marital life.


Case Study

Sainath from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh had been in successful love relationship for last more than 3 years but suddenly his girl friend started avoiding him and then after a while she stopped talking to him completely. He tried to call she blocked his number and started ignoring him whenever he tried to meet her. Sainath was very much concerned, he contacted many vashikaran specialist, love relationship tantric and other such consultants, spent lot of money and time, did whatever they told him to but all in vain. He somehow got in touch with us thru free consultation form and discussed his problem.

We analyzed the entire situation with his horoscope and found out that real problem was not with the girl but with Sainath itself. His Venus was influenced with Rahu and he was undergoing Markesh Shani Mahadasha making things really adverse. He himself admitted that recently they had this big fight because he was suspecting her affair with some other guy. He followed our suggestions and remedy there was immediate positive improvements in his situation the girl started to talk to him as before. Now they are happily married and have got blessed with a beautiful child.



If Venus is placed in the First House of the horoscope, then such person is blessed with a beautiful and attractive physique. This will definitely help him or her to get desired attention of opposite sex. But such placement of Venus is not good for career and overall monetary growth. Such individual should visit Lord Vishnu Lakshmi temple on Fridays and as per lal kitab they should recite related mantras on daily basis for immediate improvements.

If Venus is placed in the Second House of the horoscope, these individual possess a luxurious lifestyle. They try to impress their boyfriend or girlfriend with expensive gifts and over expenditures. Sometime their partner feels irritated in their company due to this habit of weighing everything of love relationship in monetary terms. Another negative consequence is that they are likely to be under huge loans and financial liabilities very frequently. To overcome the negative aspect one must throw 7 white flowers in flowing river once very month.

If Venus is placed in Third House, it is one of the favorable spot as it has direct Drishti on Luck House. The person usually gets lucky in love related matters. Very rarely there are certain obstacles due to siblings especially when it comes to family acceptance or marriage delay when big sister or brother remain unmarried etc. In such scenario as per lal kitab lighting a ghee lamp under peepal tree on Fridays helps a lot.

If Venus is placed in Fourth House, such people are not only blessed with high status in the society and riches of life but their spouse also comes from equally affluent background. They are likely to face obstacles for approval from family members for their love relationship and later marriage, especially from mother or maternal relatives. They should keep fast on 7 consecutive Fridays.

If Venus is placed in Fifth House, these people are very intelligent and have inclination toward higher studies which further leads to high paying job. Usually they are attracted to equally competent spouse. For better gains in all fields especially success in love relationship they must start donating some curd of Fridays.

If Venus is placed in the Sixth House of the horoscope, this isn’t favourable at all. The person is likely to get problems and tensions in love relationship and marriage as well in other aspects of life. He or she has to fight hard to overcome obstacles. Feeding cows, lighting Ghee lamp on Fridays in temple and reciting any Lord Vishnu Mantra are some of the remedies given in lal kitab.


(** We are NOT using actual names to keep the matter Confidential)

Karuna, Mumbai, India – Pranam Guruji, finally Subhash has asked my parents for marriage. He is coming with his family on Sunday. If things remain positive we will be getting engaged this month only. I am very scared, please pray for me. please please

Vasheeta Grover, Singapore – Dear Acharya Karan, I want to thank you for your suggestions things are stable now. nor are my parents and nor are his parents have any issue with our marriage. we want to get married very soon but i want him to come as soon as possible to Singapore. i cant leave my old parents and go with him to nagpur. i need ur blessings.

Nandini, Victoria, Australia – Ok Acharyaji Thank you. pls tell me now that I am married to him should I keep your remedy with me. Also my wishes are fulfilled as of now but what you suggest for our peaceful future. Thanks,



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