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Lal Kitab Remedies for Money Problem

Acharya Karan V – There are only very few people on this planet who never faced monetary crunch or problem related to their respective finances, otherwise almost everyone has to go through this phase once or even more than that. In fact sometime these money problems arise due to our high aspirations or greed leading to over expenditure of our financial resources leading to unending loans or debts.

Otherwise it could be resultant of any mishap or unfavourable incident pulling our resources till we are left with none. So whatever be the reason, in astrology or palmistry Saturn is said to be related to our fate or monetary success. Though there are other planets also but one cannot overlook the significance of planet Saturn while analysing financial success or monetary gains of the individual. Here in this article we will discuss the astrology aspect of it and remedies to overcome it. These remedies will not only help in any sort of money or finance related problem but they are very much effective in removal of debts or loans.

If Saturn and Moon are placed in the same house or aspect each other (Drishti), such individual should not invest money in any business related to liquid or water. It is also called ‘Vish Yog’ which literally means poison in life. There are chances of getting drowned, so one must avoid going in the sea or river for swimming or water sport. The best lal kitab remedy for such person to get financial betterment is to avoid purchasing any item made of leather and iron, if necessary avoid Saturday and Tuesdays for such purchases and discard the item from the house itself once your purpose is fulfilled.

If Saturn is placed with Sun, then it is likely that a major chunk of your expenditure will go in for medication and treatment. Such individual can have health problems related to blood pressure, heart and hyper tension etc. One should donate oil and liquor on Saturdays. Also lal kitab says avoid eating non vegetarian food items as much as you can.

If Saturn is placed in the second house of the horoscope, it is highly beneficial as individual will earn lot of money through various sources. But at the same time this money wouldn’t be utilized as planned or in the specific work for which it has been earned or collected. Such individual faces unexpected expenses or losses on investments. The best remedy for such individual is to take a ‘flute’ made of wood, fill it with sugar and bury it at any vacant place of park etc. This can be doen once a year for best outcomes.

If Saturn is placed in the third house of the individual, then such person have late start in life especially related to monetary gains. It has been observed that money inflow is delayed and they have to face lot of financial hardship in the first 30 years of their lives. They should avoid black and dark blue shades of clothing and should donate few walnuts on Saturday, once in a month.

If Saturn is placed with Venus, then such individual have numerous relationship and affairs, even after marriage also. A major chunk of their earnings and money goes in such activities and luxury spending etc. Also sometimes such people suffer from related sexual diseases and couldn’t maintain the balance of life and finances at all. Such people should donate some clothes to the needy or homeless people at least on every alternate month or twice a year. Lord Hanuman worship is highly beneficial for them.

If Saturn is placed in Eighth House, then no doubt it gives a long life but it is full of diseases especially related to bones, veins, foot and pains all over the body etc. Sometimes these diseases are very severe as well and result in enormous expenditure resulting in never ending loans and debts. Such individual should throw a silver coin in flowing water like river etc. once a year. Also donating silver coin on individual birthday or otherwise giving gifts made of silver to the friends or loved once helps a lot. One should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking at any cost.

If Saturn is placed with Rahu, it is also called ‘Shrapit Dosh’ which is not at favourable condition. Such individual should avoid taking independent decision especially in regard to new investment or venture. As the chances of getting huge monetary losses or instant failure is very high. Also the chances of getting frequent headaches, migraine and other health problems especially in neck above area (head, mouth, ear, nose, eyes etc.) are very high. One should keep fast of Saturdays and become pure vegetarian or vegan as soon as possible.

If Saturn is placed in twelfth house, then no doubt person creates lot of wealth and assets, but as it is saying what goes up has to come down. It gets applied here as well so one should be extra cautious while dealing in money matters. He or she should take advises for more than one family member before going ahead in any venture or monetary deal. As a lal kitab remedy such person should always keep a silver coin in their pocket or purse. Also donate some money to charity every month or in temple nearby every Saturday.

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