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Lal Kitab Remedies for Shani Sade Sati

Acharya Karan V – Shani Sade Sati is a very commonly used term in Indian Vedic Astrology, but what exactly it is? How bad it is for individual? What remedies one can do to safeguard from the wrath of Lord Shani? Are there some effective Lal Kitab Remedies for the same? Etc. are some questions that almost everyone have it in their respective mind.

When the planet Saturn or Shani comes in the 12th house of the Moon Rashi it is said to be the initiation of the Sade Sati Period. In other words, in lagan chart, the Rashi or Sign in which Moon is placed is known as the Moon Rashi. So when in transit Shani is twelfth from that house than it is said to be the first phase of the Sade Sati, when planet Shani comes in the same house it is the second phase and later when it is in the second house from Moon Rash i.e. the third and final stage of Shani Sade Sati.

Usually a person faces Shani Sade Sati for 3 times in his entire life time, although there are very few lucky ones with longevity who experience the 4th Sade Sati. Sometimes the age calculation is done on this basis itself that if position of Shani is highly negative or maarkesh. Then according to some astrologers 3rd cycle or Sade Sati period is the end time of the individual. But further there are different view points on this and it is debatable, differ case to case basis. In my personal view, foremost professionally, one should avoid giving predictions on death and secondly there are lot of other considerations and aspects calculation required to be done minutely. It cannot be judged only on the basis of Shani Sade Sati cycles itself.

The entire Shani Sade Sati is divided in three equal time frames of 2.5 years each, known as three phases or three charans. There is a popular saying that first and the last charan are highly inauspicious and bring extreme hardships for the individual. In fact every Charan of Shani Sade Sati has unique effects on the individual, the initial and the last Charan are considered to be full of extremity in terms of obstacles, tensions, failures, physical ailments or accidents etc. somehow the middle phase is considered bit less in terms of adversities. Moreover it broadly depends upon two factors first being the position of Shani or Saturn like if it is in its Own Sign/Rashi or Exalted then it will be less negative during any Charan whereas second aspects that define level of negativity which individual could face is the planets activated in Mahadasha or Antardasha. If those are favourable then it would absorb the negative influence of this Sade Sati period otherwise if Shani is not at all favourable and activated in Mahadasha or Antardasha concurrently one goes under Sade Sati then worst can be expected on every aspect of life. If one foresees such a disastrous time frame ahead he or she should immediately start the related remedies as defined in Lal Kitab or otherwise as recommended by learned astrologer etc.

When Saturn comes 12th go the Moon sign in transit then this first phase gets started. Its maximum effect is on the finances, especially unexpected expenditures. In certain cases it has been seen that during this time frame individual gets separated from family, reason could be different like professional transfer or otherwise separation due to quarrels etc. During this Charan one has to undergo mental agony and all plans to get success or professional gains go into vain. There are chances to get problem from children side as well. The effective remedies that one could perform during this time are –
– Recitation of Mahamritunjay Mantra on daily basis without any fail.
– One should avoid black and dark blue colour in any form especially clothing etc.
– Some liquor should be thrown in flowing waters like river on Saturdays.
– One should avoid liquor and non vegetarian food during this time.
– Start giving food items to crows, street dogs and cow etc. helps a lot.
– Never delay wages of your employee or labour etc. and avoid rude behaviour with them.

When in transit Saturn comes in the Moon Rashi then it is said to be the starting of second Charan of Shani Sade Sati. During this time frame person has to suffer due to his own carelessness, unwanted quarrels or dispute could increase his or her tensions. If Shani is placed malefic then there could be chances of legal dispute or court case as well. It is the time when family life gets disturbed, day to day issues can turn really adverse affecting peace and happiness in the house. Business travelling during this phase is always disappointing leading to failures and financial losses. The effective remedies that one could perform during this time are –
– One should light a mustard oil lamp (diya) under the peepal or banyan tree on Saturday evenings.
– Throw some black lentil (kali urad) in the flowing river once a month.
– Reading Hanuman Chalisa or worshipping Lord Hanuman helps a lot
– If there is Shani temple nearby, one should offer mustard there on every Saturday
– Donate something sweet on Saturday
– Avoid liquor, smoking and non vegetarian food

When Shani comes in the second house from Moon Rashi, it is said to be the third Charan. It primarily affects the health of the individual. Bone fracture, pains related to veins and other problems where one has to undergo lot of pain and physical uneasiness of any sort etc. One becomes victim of a scam or huge financial losses leading him to a burden of loan/debts. This phase is indeed tough. One should maintain his patience and never take any major decision especially related to money or finance, without referring or discussing with at least two family members or elderly person. The effective remedies that one could perform during this time are –
– Donation of black lentil, mustard oil, black cloth, some money and edible items on Saturdays is must.
– Recitation of Mahamritunjay Mantra and reading of Hanuman Chalisa is must during this phase.
– One should leave liquor, smoking and non vegetarian food.
– Measure a black thread from tip of your toe to head, immerse it in mustard oil and burn it every Saturday evening.
– Fasting on Saturdays helps a lot.
– Avoid any sort of harsh words or hurting others sentiments (any sort) etc. even in most frustrated and anger situations, it help retaining few concerned and supportive people around you.
– Stay low profile, any sort of new venture or financial adventure could lead you to huge losses.

There is another classification available to know the affects of Planet Saturn, as Shani Sade Sati is said to be for total of 2700 days so –
First 100 Days – Shani will be on face which is very Harmful
Next 400 days – Shani will be on right arm it will be overall beneficial period
600 days – It will be on legs or foot leading to unexpected journeys with minimal or no benefits
Next 500 days – It will be on stomach, overall a beneficial period
400 days – Shani will be on left arm leading to sickness, accident or serious health issues
Next 300 days – Shani will be on forehead leading to successes
200 days – It will be on eyes which is good and progressive period
Remaining 200 days – Shani will be on lower abdominal leading to sorrows and failures

– Light Mustard (Sarso) or Sesame (Til) oil earthen lamp (Diya) in temple before Lord Shani’s idol or under peepal or banyan tree on Saturday evenings.
– Donate some edible item at temple or otherwise on Saturdays preferable made up of black gram or besan (type of flour) it could be sweet item as well.
– Donate clothes or slippers to the labourers and you can give them some money also. Moreover if you have yourself employed them, never use harsh word or delay their salaries.
– Avoid buying any metal item especially made of iron/steel on Saturdays
– Recite Mahamritunjay Mantra at least 108 times daily with Rudraksha mala
– Hanuman Chalisa should be read atleast once or twice daily
– Keeping fast on Saturdays helps a lot
– Avoid wearing black or dark blue shade of clothing
– Avoid liquor, smoking and non vegetarian food as all this aggravates the malefic effects.
– Feeding cows, dogs and crows with roti/bread/biscuits
– Feeding mixture of wheat flour with some sugar to ants helps a lot
– Place a Panch Mukhi Hanuman idol in the southern portion of your house facing inside.
– Throw some Urad Dal (black lentil) in the flowing water of any river nearby
– Regular cleaning of house and taking out scrap regularly reduces the negativity

** The above Lal Kitab Remedies can be used in Shani Mahadasha, Anatardasha, Panoti or Dhaiyya as well.

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