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Lord Brahma Puja

Acharya Karan V – In the pantheon of Hindu Gods, the trinity of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma is considered to be the one propelling everything in the creation and beyond it. Brahma Dev or Lord Brahma is the one responsible for the creation of the cosmos and everything in it. Manu who is the father of all humans is descended from Lord Brahma hence Brahma is often referred as a grand sire. With Mata Saraswati as His wife, Brahma Dev has also been given the epithet of “Vaagish” meaning the “One who has the Goddess of Speech and Sound as His consort.

There are many legends behind Lord Brahma’s birth. As per Bhagawad Mahapurana, Brahma took birth out of Lord Vishnu’s navel. Another legend says Lord Brahma was born out of a Lotus which later became his seat. To some, “Brahmand” or the universe is actually the remains of a golden egg out of which Lord Brahma came out. Lord Brahma is often depicted wearing red clothes. Having four heads and four arms, Brahma Dev is always reciting one of the Vedas, symbolizing His wisdom and intellect. He is one of the rarest Gods in Hindu mythology depicted in white beard that is a symbol of His immortal existence.

Unlike other chief Gods Lord Shiva and Vishnu, Brahma Dev is never believed to have taken up the task of slaying the evil forces hence no weapons shown in any of His hands. Instead, He holds a scepter, a rosary and the Vedas, depicting Him to be a God of scholars. Also known as “Vidhata”, Brahma Dev is believed to be a writer of every mortal’s destiny or “Vidi”. As He is the creator, he manages the laws governing the universe and cycle of rebirth.

In India, the most reputed temple of Brahma Dev is in Pushkar. In the month of October and November, a vast number of devotees seeking Brahma’s blessing visit, doing puja rituals and take a holy dip in the Pushkar Lake.

Performing a ritualistic puja of Lord Brahma and Mata Saraswati with the following incantation is bound to shower one with the spiritual knowledge, awakening consciousness and igniting a light of knowledge.

“Om Chatur Mukhaya Vidmahe, Hamasarodayaa Dhemahe, Thanno Brahm Prachodayaat “

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