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Love Vashikaran Solution

Acharya Karan V – Love Vashikaran is an integral part of ancient spiritual methodologies, prevailing in India and other parts of Asia since centuries. It has its prominent references in Vedas as well as other authentic old spiritual literatures including the defined solution to cater to specific situation or person through this sacred procedure of ‘Love Vashikaran’. Nowadays people do misunderstand it by magic trick or hypnotism or mere illusion created by certain astrologers, occultist or tantra practitioners etc. in this field. The truth remains that though no one can deny the phenomenon of love vashikaran as a subject, but lack of genuine knowledge, real time sampling data, right procedures, effective solutions or remedies research are leading to more ambiguities in this specific area.


Love Vashikaran – A Solution to All Relationship Problems
Conceptually the word Vashikaran is taken from two words, ‘Vashi’ which means ‘to control someone’ and the latter part ‘Karan’ means the solution or procedure for the same. There are various solutions for love vashikaran including usage of tantra, mantra, yantra, puja or lal kitab remedies etc. These solutions are not invented by anyone, they are there since ages in our holy books, texts or have been transferred by the way of sayings since centuries through one Guru to disciples and thereon. Broadly there are two categories of solutions for any kind of love vashikaran i.e. ‘Astrological or Vedic Solution’ and the latter being ‘Black Magic or Tantrik Solution’. Similarly we have practitioners who follow white sciences and other who follow and suggest usage of black sciences as love vashikaran solution. There are different pros and cons of following either methodology, like following Vedic methodology can take some more time than black magic techniques, but it will be totally harmless and will definitely benefit the person in other aspects of his or her life (spiritual enlightenment). On the other side black magic solution for love vashikaran can include various rituals or procedures which are very difficult to follow nowadays and can lead to certain long term negative side effects.

Love Vashikaran Solution helps you to gain attention of someone whom you wish or positively attract his thoughts in your favour. It is NOT at all like hypnotism what we see on various TV shows or movies. There are several instances in everyone’s life that where sometimes certain person whom you always wanted to be friend with or want to attract comes to you automatically giving you a pleasant surprise. Such instances or favourable situation occurs very rarely in our lives, but they do occur whether we call it our luck or our self fortunate, there is no doubt something or some power which drives the law of attraction in human beings as well. So with the help of love vashikaran solutions we tend to make this fortunate incident happen by choice or by your own efforts, it helps you to control the situation to some extend and induce positive thoughts in the other person’s mind which help you to gain his or her attention which further develops in to attraction or relationship. Love Vashikaran Solutions are used in situations like –

  1. There is strong liking for someone and you want her to become your girlfriend or him to be your boyfriend.
  2. Where you know a person through long distance or online communication and you want to be your boyfriend or girlfriend in real life.
  3. It is very helpful to attract your Ex Girlfriend or Boyfriend in a love relationship
  4. Saving your marriage relationship, husband or wife has diverted their attention from married life and has an extra marital affair.
  5. Where you both are ready but either of the families or specific family person like mom or dad are against this love relationship further marriage.
  6. There are several other conditions as well where love vashikaran solutions can be applied to get out of complexities and obstacles in your relationship scenarios.


Does Love Vashikaran Solution Work? What is its Success Rate?

Importantly we have to understand that there is NO scientific data collection or research made on the success rate of Love Vashikaran Solution. Moreover one has to understand that this aspect is very personal. An individual intentionally doesn’t want to reveal their relationship status or whether they have incorporated any external help (in the form of love vashikaran solution) or whether they got full satisfactory results or partial or no results thereof etc. No one will reveal or discuss these things openly, even if he or she got benefit from it. But if he or she doesn’t get desired benefit than there are chances that they can claim love vashikaran as fake, accuse the practitioner or consultant for the same. So this is the reason why we hear Love Vashikaran Solution in media or press for all the wrong reasons.

To identify its success rate we have to understand the basic logic behind the ‘Love Vashikaran’ as a concept and whether conceptually its solution can work or not. Every person in this world carries his or her ‘Aura’ which is scientifically proven concept. Aura is the energy field that surrounds the person it carries all positive, negative and neutral vibes in it. So it happens most of the time that we meet someone and we like him or her in first meeting or first sight itself without any reason, some may call it attractive personality others may name it as ‘love at first sight’ or it is named as Aura compatibility like for example person ‘x’ enters a room full of people. Some people will receive his positive vibes at first glance, some will remain neutral, and others will start hating him without any reason, before even he starts speaking or introducing himself. So what is this? – The person ‘x’ is carrying his Aura containing all THREE vibes i.e. positive, negative and neutral, it is the receptive frequency of other people that some receive positive vibes or feeling of his presence other remained unchanged or started disliking without any reason.

So Love Vashikaran also follows the same rule of attracting positive vibes for someone or vice versa. It does not mean that it will change your basic Aura or vibes, so that you stop emitting neutral or negative vibes but it will generate or attract positive vibes so that the person to whom you are applying Love Vashikaran Solution gets positive feeling for you. This principle can be explained by another simple example of Television, there are 100s of channels simultaneously running they are being transmitted by the company and your TV is receptive of all of them but when you switch-on the specific channel on your remote like ‘Movies Channel’ then it doesn’t mean the transmission and reception of ‘News Channel’, ‘Sports Channel’ or ‘Cartoon Channel’ etc. stops, it very much remains there but with the help of the remote (can be read as Love Vashikaran Solution) you are watching one frequency at a time which is your favourite. So it is all about mental frequencies in the relationship or to whom you want to attract, if frequencies matches you have a long term relationship otherwise the person will simply ignore you, as you are ignoring other channels while watching your favourite movie.


Is Love Vashikaran Solution a Black Magic Trick?
The term ‘Black Magic’ creates confusion in anyone’s mind, it is said to be dangerous and unethical. It is also known as Tantrik Kriya comprising of 5 Ms (Madya, Mamsa, Matsya, Mudra & Maithuna), there are some procedures based on Goddess Kali worship rituals (Kali Vidya) or specific ritual which are done during night time or certain sect of saints performing procedures inside graveyard etc. A worship or spiritual process is a ritual, but some practitioners have dissected it into two broad fields i.e. Black Science (Tamsik) and White Science (Satvik). Usually Vashikaran is said to be a procedure of Black Magic but one has to understand that it can be done in its purest form in white science as well i.e. its Satvik form. Just like any other worship or prayers are in temple or other places. Referring ‘Chapter 10 of Bhagwat Gita’, there are several paths to reach the ultimate or divinity, be it several religions, cultures, God or Goddesses, all are correct.

Similarly in Love Vashikaran Solution there several ways or procedures as per the knowledge and experience of practitioner, which may include powers of mantra, tantra, yantra, totkas, specialized herbs and other procedures etc. which may vary from black magic technique to white magic technique. It is said that Love Vashikaran Solution through black magic procedures may show faster results but has negative side effects whereas in Vedic form there are no negative side effects at all, it is similar to doing prayers in a temple or any other holy place. Though some practitioners or Love Vashikaran Tantrik have this strong opinion that solution based upon black magic works faster than its counterpart in Vedic or white magic when it comes to Vashikaran, which is still questionable.


Vedic Love Vashikaran Solutions
There are several references given in the Vedas and other ancient holy books, all the procedures are derived from these basic sources itself. In fact in Hindu religion a separate God i.e. Kamdev (Son of Lord Krishna, incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself) is said to have the powers to attract which include Aakarshan and Love Vashikaran etc. Though Kamdev is not prayed directly nor has many temples but it is seen as one of the many powers of Lord Vishnu and people who are seeking solution to their love relationship problem do search this aspect of the divinity. Though there are many direct or indirect references of love vashikaran solution but some prominent ones are Rig Veda, 8th Mandala (book) Sukta 93, Kamadeva is a name of Vishnu in Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana & Kama is also a name used for Agni (Atharva Veda 6.36.3), Samohana in the Atharva Veda etc.


Astrology Solution for Love Vashikaran Problems
Although it is bit difficult to understand entire aspects and in-depth calculations of astrology as a subject, but with basic knowledge you can understand the root cause why love vashikaran solution are not working or results are delaying –

  1. Surya in 7th house leads to problem in relationship or marital life and can lead to permanent separation. This astrology concept must not be overlooked by Vashikaran expert before suggesting the suitable solution. To minimize the negative influence of this Dosh, one must donate some mustard oil at any religious place on Sunday, avoid sex with partner at day time, and throw a small piece of jaggery in flowing water.
  2. Moon with Saturn in 7th House leads to ‘Vish Dosh’ as the name states itself, the person is likely to suffer tensions in his or her relationship. One always offer sweets to children especially on Monday, offer milk to Lord Shiva (Shiv lingam), and avoid alcohol & non vegetarian dishes.
  3. Mars with Rahu in 7th house making ‘Angarak Dosh’ (in astrology it also known as Mangal Dosh) affecting peace in the relationship and continuous love vashikaran solutions do not give desired results. One must have a pomegranate plant/tree at home and should offer water to it daily, donating copper utensil to the needy, and donating blood once in a year helps a lot in such scenarios.
  4. Saturn with Rahu in 7th house making ‘Shrapit Dosh’ which is somewhat like ‘Pitr Dosh’ but heer it will adversely affect the mind of the person and he or she will attract problems/issues in the love relationship. The Vashikaran expert must consider this dosh before suggesting the suitable solution. The basic remedies for this dosh are to donate some coins on every Saturday, Offer mustard oil at Shani Temple, Feed mixture of flour with sugar to ants, and most importantly Lord Shiva worship.
  5. Also love vashikaran expert must consider 5th house and ‘Lagan House’ thoroughly before suggesting any solution. As taking into account astrology concepts will definitely enhance the intensity of the love vashikaran solution.


Advantages of Love Vashikaran Solution
Love Vashikaran Solution is made to attract the attention of the person toward you, in other words he or she starts getting positive vibes for you and the person feel an urge to communicate with you. Moreover one starts enjoying your company, creates an excellent positive impression on his or her mind about you. Though the Love Vashikaran Solution in the form of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra or Totka are targeted for love attraction or liking for opposite sex but with little modification it can be used for other purposes as well like in your professional life or may be some family member who has certain qualms with you but he or she isn’t receptive to your explanations and apologies etc. It can be used to induce attraction and positive feelings in the married life. Here are some advantages of Love Vashikaran Solution –

  1. One can save his or her existing love relationship from break up
  2. One can restart his or her life by attracting attention of ex lover
  3. Save married life from divorce or separation
  4. Divert In laws attention in your favour
  5. Save your job from jealous or trouble maker colleague
  6. Make your workplace environment much friendlier
  7. Divert your Boss’s attention in your favour
  8. Convert any enemy into friend
  9. Attract special business deal or impress your client in first few communications itself
  10. Convert jealous neighbour into a true friend forever



How Love Vashikaran Solution are Done
Here we will only talk about ‘Vedic Procedure’ or performing the love vashikaran solution through ‘white science’. Though there are several ways that a Vedic practitioner would follow but the base of any spiritual ‘Kriya’ or procedure be it Love Vashikaran Solution is Dhyan or meditation, which opens unending possibilities for the practitioner himself and individual for whom the procedure is conducted or remedy is given. Some other aspects of Love Vashikaran Solution include usage of Mantra, Yantra, Tantra or Totkas (Lal Kitab) etc. The individual experience, knowledge and correct strategy when it comes to using supportive items in the procedure ensure the success rate case to case basis. The most important aspect above all is true intentions or pure feelings, no ritual can successful if done in order to harm someone or take advantage of the situation. One has to be very careful while opting for the love vashikaran solution under a specific situation moreover the specialist has to guide the person correctly.


General Complexities of Love Vashikaran Solution
There are certain basic rules and regulation associated with every ancient science or spiritual procedure, same applies upon the Love Vashikaran Solution but some of the said rules or procedural patterns are so mysterious that they can be interpreted wrongly. So whenever you are opting for Love Vashikaran Solution, never go by the lucrative advertisements of doing Vashikaran in 2 hours or 4 hours or even 24 hours etc. (in spiritual world nothing can be achieved in hours, there is a lot of difference between baking a cake and achieving the Siddhi) as like any other spiritual process it definitely takes time to reach to required level on consciousness and can only be done under the guidance of experience practitioner, who has thorough knowledge of not only love vashikaran solution but other spiritual processes and theories in depth.

Once you have reached the required level of consciousness (Siddhi), not only your goal of love vashikaran solution will be fulfilled but it open numerous other doors for you i.e. overall benefits in all aspects of your life be it health, wealth, professional success, concentration, overall luck etc. so in other words it will improve your life 360 degree, no matter what your main aim is or was it will fulfill all your desires.


Role of Nature’s Elements in Love Vashikaran Solution
There is a major role of elements of nature in the success of love vashikaran solution, without analyzing these it becomes difficult for the practitioner to reach the desired level of intensity in any related procedure or remedy. All the twelve signs are divided into FOUR nature’s elements i.e.

  1. Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  2. Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
  3. Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
  4. Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Broadly, all signs in one category are compatible with each other like for example Aries, Leo and Sagittarius of Fire Signs are compatible with each other. ‘Water Signs are compatible with Earth Signs’ and ‘Fire Signs are compatible with Air Signs’. When it comes to incompatibility ‘Water Signs are incompatible with Air Signs’ and ‘Earth Signs are incompatible with Fire Sign’, with little help one can easily understand the principle behind these nature’s elements and their influence on our love relationship and other problems.


Is ‘Physical Distance’ a factor in the concept of Love Vashikaran Solution?
The physical distance is just a phenomenon of actual world, but in spiritual world there is no as such phenomenon like physical distance, so all the love vashikaran solution works despite the long distance factor. No matter if you are living in one country USA and your loved one in UAE or Singapore the love vashikaran solution will work if done with full faith and intensity. It has been seen in many cases that two people live in different cities or countries or continents altogether moreover they are connected only through telephone or mail/messages having long distance relationship but with the help of experienced practitioner things become much better between them leading to increase in communication frequency and meetings etc.


Love Vashikaran Solution (Lal Kitab)
These are some basic and very common love vashikaran solution taken from Lal Kitab and other sources, though result will depend on case to case basis, so it is advised to take a thorough guidance from the learned practitioner.

  1. Applying Tilak on your forehead by combining sandalwood with saffron powder, whenever you are going to meet the person whom you want to attract, helps a lot to gain his or her positive attention.
  2. Offering Flute to Lord Krishna temple remove obstacle from your love relationship
  3. One should make a habit to water the Basil Plant (Tulsi) for bringing love, peace and happiness in your married life.
  4. Donating milk and white clothes on Friday helps a lot to strengthen your relationship with spouse.
  5. Writing both the names with red ink on a betel leaf (paan ka patta) and keeping it in a small glass bottle filled with honey helps to attract the desired person toward you.


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