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How to Neutralize Effects of Saturn?

Acharya Karan V – Saturn or Shani is said to be the judge or referee of your life, in a way it has the power to punish you. He is the police man and prosecutor who penalize the person for its bad karmas or wrong doings of this life or previous lives. Its punishment is really very hard and cruel. Whenever Shani comes into the life in the form of Mahadasha, Antardasha, Sade Sati or Dhaiyya (Panoti) etc. then the individual has to face lot of obstacles, failures, humiliation and overall lead a life not less than hell in most aspects. It destroys overall life especially the areas like monetary savings, reputation, social relationships, fame etc. which one has accumulated by years of hard work and dedication. Is there any way to save you from this negative influence or how to neutralize Saturn Effects? Yes definitely there are certain specific ways to minimize the adverse affects of Saturn, though it cannot be fully removed but one can definitely get a major relief from ongoing sufferings.

In our ancient books, Shastras and Purana, there is a mentioning of simple remedies (or totkas) which one can easily perform in the home itself to neutralize the Saturn effects. In certain cases it has been seen that not only Shani has stopped its negative effect but in way it starts giving favourable results in the same time period. There are these simple remedies or totkas for any kind of unfavourable conditions caused by Shani. As the story goes in Ramayana that when Lord Hanuman went to Lanka in search of Sita. He came across a prison section where Saturn or Shani Devta was imprisoned by Ravana himself. So in return of freeing him, Shani gave promise to Lord Hanuman that he will never harass devotees of Lord Hanuman.

So the foremost remedy to neutralize the Saturn effect is to worship Lord Hanuman, this can be done in number of ways. By reading Hanuman Chalisa early morning before sunrise, also as per my own personal experience the mantra do Lord Hanuman ‘Om Han Hanumatay Namah’ should be recited on Rudraksha or Moonga mala 108 times daily and on Saturdays you can increase the japa count.

If you have any cowshed or ‘Goshala’ near to your place, feeding black coloured cow on regular basis reduced the Shani Prakop. If your main house entrance is in west direction then there are very string chances that you or your family must be facing negative effects of Saturn. The best remedy is to put a mirror on the main entrance facing outside. You may also bury some black Kajal or Surma (Collyrium) somewhere inside the house or in the lawn etc. If Shani is negatively placed in your horoscope or lagan kundli then it is better to avoid drinking alcohol, smoking or any other such item, it will aggravate the overall adverse affects.

On Saturdays, keeping fast till sunset helps a lot to minimize misfortune. One can place mustard oil lamp (Sarso ke tel ka diya) in the southern or western part of the house. If possible same should be kept under a peepal or bard tree and this ritual should be done during sunset hours for at least 8 Saturdays. Feeding bananas or roasted grams with jaggery (Gur Chana) to monkeys and bread/roti to dog works wonders. Feeding fishes with flour or sprouted gram or pulses is a very effective totka for harsh conditions caused by Saturn.

A rare but very effective remedy or totka for neutralizing Saturn effects is, take a black thread, measure it from your toe to your head, it should be exactly same in length as your own height. You can take help from any family member for measuring it. Soak this piece of black thread in mustard oil and burn it anywhere outside the house in evening hours. This totka is to be done for atleast 8 Saturdays in continuation.

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