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To simplify the complex concepts of various occult sciences or processes like ASTROLOGY, NUMEROLOGY, PALMISTRY, VAASTU, TANTRA, MANTRA, VASHIKARAN, HOME REMEDIES, SPIRITUALITY, GOD/GODDESS WORSHIP, AAKARSHAN, MOHAN KRIYA, SIDDHI etc. promote spiritual awareness so individuals can make their lives much happier, prosperous and peaceful. It is a purely selfless initiative without any sort of monetary goal. We have seen since the inception of occult sciences a segment of human society so called the logical or scientific always tried to suppress it in all ways possible. In fact most of the original books or scriptures on these occult sciences are destroyed due to time or humans. On the top of it people in today’s era use these occult sciences as a mean to generate profits, hefty consultation fees or expensive remedial measures. This has led me to an initiate where people can get in depth knowledge on these occult sciences and spirituality in a simplified manner and without any cost. Further they can ask generic question on various subjects like Spirituality, Astrology, Palmistry, Vaastu, Fengshui, Face reading (phrenology), Numerology, Tantra, Mantra, Lal Kitab, Home Remedies etc. on the website itself.

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Most Viewed Questions

Lord Shiva Puja at Amarnath Cave

Acharya Karan V – Lord Shiva is one of the prominent Gods holding a revered position in Hinduism. In Rig Veda, Shiva is regarded as the one spreading nourishment and fragrance of life. Yajurveda calls Him a warrior in the garb of an ascetic who wears deer skin and holds a “Trishul”. Shiva is considered […]

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Lord Krishna Puja at Dwarkadhish Temple

Acharya Karan V – “Shri Krishna” or “Lord Krishna” as he is fondly known amongst the Hindus, is one of the most prominent, reputed and revered figures of Hindu mythology. No wonder that one can see great number of temples dedicated to Krishna not only in India but also around the world. Lot of literature […]

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Free Horoscope Reading

Acharya Karan V – Horoscope reading is an ancient art, it has been in practice since ages. Both western and Indian (Vedic) methodologies of making and reading horoscope are very much in demand nowadays. It’s been proven wrong that with scientific development these so called occult sciences will lose their significance moreover existence but in […]

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Lord Vishnu Puja at Jagannath Temple in Puri

Acharya Karan V – Set on the far eastern coast of Indian subcontinent in Odisha is one of the most revered temple of Hindus –famous for Lord Vishnu Puja i.e. Jagannath Temple in Puri. So much venerated the temple is that it has earned a respectful place as one of the “Char Dhams” or pilgrimages […]

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Free Astrology Consultation

Acharya Karan V – Astrology, Indian Methodology has been based upon lunar aspect or the Moon. The purpose of this Free Astrology Consultation is not giving general or future prediction but to help the people who are really suffering in their respective lives and want in depth analysis of their specific problem or the ‘root […]

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Lord Vishnu Puja at Badrinath Temple

Acharya Karan V -Temples have been a sacred place for Hindus for ages. They are a symbol of faith and conviction. Whether there has been a time of trouble or an occasion to celebrate, temples have seen millions of devotees bowing their heads with veneration. Hindus have called Temples to be the abode of God. […]

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Akshaya Tritiya Dates Significance

Acharya Karan V – In Hinduism, lot of significance is given to the time when an important event is commenced. These important or auspicious times known as “Mahurat” are believed to play a key role in the success or failure of the event. One such auspicious day believed to bring good luck is “Akshaya Tritiya”. […]

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Lord Hanuman Puja at Salasar Balaji Temple

Acharya Karan V – Religion has always played an important role in India. The devotion and faith towards God has given hope and strength to millions of Indian, helping them travel through the toughest of times. Veneration towards God has helped them live life with compassion, making them follow the path of love and respect […]

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Karna Pishachini Sadhana

Acharya Karan V – Humans have always desired to attain the divine knowledge of the past and future. They have tried to imply many methods to peep into the deep alleys of the past and look beyond the realm of the present, into the future. The idea to control the “uncontrolled” has always fascinated humans […]

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Shri Khatu Shyam Ji Temple

Acharya Karan V – India is known for its religiosity. People throng holy places to pay homage to their Gods. Religion plays a major role in their lives. One prefers to take blessings from their favourite God before setting out on a long journey or opening a new business. Khatu Shyam Ji is one such […]

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Lord Bhairav Puja

ACHARYA KARAN V – Lord Bhairava, also known as Kaal Bhairav or Batuk Bhairav or Bhairon Baba, is one of the prominent forms of Lord Shiva. Lord Bhairav is considered to be a keeper of time and worshipping him is akin to respecting time. Though Lord Bhairava’s appearance is quite intimidating, with serpents decorating him […]

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Goddess Kali Puja

Acharya Karan V – In Hinduism, the goddess Kali is an embodiment of ferocious untamed power that can annihilate evil forces without mercy. “Ma Kali”, meaning Mother Kali as she is reverently referred to by her devotees, is a fear-inducing form of Goddess Durga. The word “Kali” is originated from the Sanskrit word “Kala” meaning […]

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Panchang Free Consultation

ACHARYA KARAN V – The auspicious time of commencing important events like festivals, long journeys or investment in a business has always been of much concern to us for ages. Humans have always tried to devise various systems to record the exact time. Panchanga is one such traditional Hindu method of keeping track of time. […]

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Benefits of Meditation

Acharya Karan V – The ultimate goal of humans is to find peace and happiness, devoid of sufferings and miseries. In an attempt to achieve it, various cultures and civilizations have unanimously turned towards spirituality, terming meditation as one of the most effective ways to attain tranquillity of the mind. Meditation refers to an act […]

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Feng Shui Remedy Bagua

ACHARYA KARAN V – Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that tries to create a harmony between living beings and their environment. The primary goal of Feng Shui is to facilitate the formation of a balanced life-style. “Bagua” is one such tool in Feng Shui that is used to measure the energy of space […]

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Major Fasts (or Vrata) Significances

Acharya Karan V – From ancient times, Religion has played a significant role in most of the major turning points in Indian history. We have always offered our homage to God in the form of money, goods or other self-imposed religious practices. “Vrata” or, the act of fasting – as it is known in English […]

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Feng Shui Remedies for Success and Peace

ACHARYA KARAN V – The ultimate goal of humans is to have a peaceful co-existence with their surroundings. To achieve the same, many philosophies of life have been devised by numerous cultures. Feng Shui is such an attempt to develop harmony with the environment so that we, as well as other living beings in our […]

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Conch (Shankh) a Vedic Vaastu Remedy

Acharya Karan V – Conch or “Shankh” in Hindi, is a sea snail found in the Indian Ocean. It has an outer layer or “Shell” that protects it from foreign attacks. This shell is also generally termed as “Conch” or “Shankh” only. In Vedic Hindu scriptures, Conch holds lot of importance as it is considered […]

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Easy Home Remedy for De Addiction Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

ACHARYA KARAN V – How One Can Quit Addiction of Alcohol, Smoking, Tobacco Chewing or even Drugs? – There are several complex therapies and medicines available these days for these de addictions. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to follow these therapeutically due to various reasons like willingness of the individual, cost factor etc. hence a very […]

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Cheiro’s Numerology Numbers

Acharya Karan V – The mathematics and numbers have played an important role in human development. In ancient times, people started using number system when bartering or exchanging goods. For example, if one is giving five goats, he expects at least one sack of rice and one cow in return. This was soon replaced by […]

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