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Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Acharya Karan V – Marriage is an important aspect in anyone’s life, whether boy or girl everyone wants to get settled in their lives with their respective partners. If you take examples of families of Asia, it is the responsibility of the family to get their respective daughter or son married with a suitable life partner, this process is well known as ‘Arranged Marriage’. Even in most advanced and developed societies like USA and Europe, getting married formally and having a family is one of the rising trends among youngsters. Everyone has a desire to get settled with the real soul mate or the life partner who understands and share feelings in the relationship. The problem arises when you are unable to find the right person for yourself, it could be because of several reasons but the outcome is delay in marriage for months or years. Due to which the person exceeds the right age of getting married which results in remaining unmarried for his or her entire life or in some cases acute depression and low confidence.

Reasons for Marriage Delay in Astrology

  1. Saturn and Sun placed together in ‘Lagan House’ or 7th House will cause delays in marital alliance.
  2. Sun is placed in 7th House and there is Aspect / Drishti of Saturn on it.
  3. Saturn and Ketu are present in the 7th House.
  4. Mercury and Ketu are placed together in the ‘Lagan House’.
  5. If Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are placed ‘Retrograde’ in ‘Lagan House’
  6. If Venus is placed in 4th house and Moon in negative house results in marriage delays.
  7. 2nd house and 4th house simultaneously inflicted by negative planets.
  8. Conjunction of Sun, Saturn and Mars in 2nd house
  9. 7th house which is related to marriage inflicted by Saturn
  10. Debilitated Jupiter placed in Lagan House causes unexpected delays in marriage
  11. Combination of Sun, Saturn and Venus in 7th house.
  12. Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn either in 7th house (marriage house) or in Lagan House.
  13. Presence of Vish Dosh (Saturn and Moon) in 7th house.
  14. Presence of Shrapit Dosh (Saturn and Rahu) in 7th house delays marriage or the person remains unmarried throughout his or her life.

Remedies for Marriage Delay

  1. One should offer water (Jal) to Lord Surya, the mantra ‘Om Surya Namah’ can be used
  2. A small square piece of silver should be kept in your purse or handbag always
  3. One must eat something sweet before proposing or marriage talks finalization etc.
  4. If marriage is getting delayed due to unknown reasons, you must bury a small copper coin or piece anywhere at a vacant place.
  5. Offering black sesame seeds to Lord Shiva on Saturdays helps expediting the marriage process.
  6. Donating black cloth, black pulse (urad dal), black sesame, mustard oil and few coins on Saturday to the needy helps a lot.
  7. Offering milk to peepal or banyan tree on Tuesdays helps a lot.
  8. Keeping 16 Mondays fasts for lord Shiva is a very popular marriage delay remedy
  9. Especially for unmarried girls, they should sleep in the north west corner of the house with feet in the north direction.
  10. Throwing some sweet made of milk and sugar in flowing river on Tuesdays.
  11. Offering food to dogs, crows and black cow everyday works wonder in marriage delay scenario

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