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Remedies for Happy Married Life

Acharya Karan V – Marriage is a complex but essential form of relationship, its importance is equal in any region, culture or religion of the world. No matter how much intellectually educated rich or famous you are, but if married life is full of problems, tensions and quarrels then all these things become of no use. The differences between you and spouse can make both your lives hell and in case there are kids then their respective lives do get affected by the day today tensions or quarrels.

There are many psychological ways mentioned in books or internet etc. about inducing happiness in married life. Some of the general points goes like this i.e. respecting each other, discussing and resolving issues mutually, taking out time to listen each other, prioritizing your husband’s or wife’s likings and disliking, communication and showing feelings or love, mutual appreciation etc. I am not saying all these do not work, but there may be scenarios where one feels that these things or behavioural patterns aren’t working fully.

There are certain specific situations of friction, which still arise and normal counselling or talking strategies are fail due to reasons unknown. Here comes the role of astrology and its related remedies, there are certain planets like Shani, Mangal, Rahu and Ketu which can have immense adverse affect on individuals putting obstacles in their happy married lives. Apart from them there are other Dosha or Grah Drishti etc. which can hamper peace of mind of the married couple. So this aspect of astrology and planetary influences cannot be avoided if one seeks love, peace and happiness in his or her respective married life.

Some of the general remedies for happy married life (including are its astrological aspects) are mentioned below –

  1. Strong Presence of Mangal Dosh or Manglik or Kuja Dosha, if you aren’t married yet then opt for the ‘Kumbh Vivah’ ritual otherwise keeping fast on Tuesdays, worshipping Navgrah or donating anything sweet on Tuesdays helps a lot in improving your relationship with husband or wife.
  2. Bhakoot Dosha (or Shad Ashtak Dosha) adversely affects the happiness in married life and could lead to divorce or separation. Keeping silver coin or piece of silver with you always, women must wear silver in the form of any jewellery piece. Also worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati helps a lot in such scenarios.
  3. Nadi Dosha can be easily studied by laymen in Ashtakoot Guna Milan Report, otherwise one can take help from a learned astrologer for this purposes. Donating any white item like clothes, milk, curd or sweets etc. in the temple or to the needy on Monday. Reciting Lord Shiva Mantra help in bringing joy and happiness in married life.

Primarily in horoscope 7th house is considered for marriage, relationship and married life, but one should consider 5th and 1st or ‘Lagan House’ as well to get the exact picture.

  1. If any of the said houses i.e. 1, 5 or 7th are under the influence of Paap Grah (Evil Planets) on both side making ‘Paapkartari Dosh’ then it is likely then the person will suffer disputes, quarrels and separation in married life. In such scenario remedies for getting happy married life becomes complex and one has to study the horoscopes well and best is to do remedies for individual planets which are increasing the effect of ‘Paapkartari Dosh’.
  2. If Sun is placed in 7th house, it will hamper married life or relationship with spouse. One should donate red cloth on Sundays, also donating something made of wheat flour like roti, halwa etc. is also beneficial.
  3. Mars in 7th house, it is a ‘Mangal Dosh’ or Manglik, in such scenarios both husband and wife should keep silver piece or coin with them all the time. Avoiding non vegetarian food as much and donating food or money to needy on Tuesdays are some good remedies to get happy married life.
  4. Shani or Saturn in 7th house leads to financial problem in married life and unending misunderstandings, donating black cloth and some mustard oil on Saturdays helps a lot in such circumstances.
  5. Rahu in 7th House leads to mental agony, quarrels and even extra marital affairs disturbing peace of the family to the extent of permanent separation. One should avoid alcohol, smoking or any other sort of narcotics or intoxications.
  6. Avoiding bedroom in South East Direction, South West is the best direction for married couple bedroom.
  7. Eating any sweet made of milk or khoya on Fridays helps in strengthening the marital relationship.
  8. Keeping small idols of Lord Ram with Goddess Sita or Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati at home and worshipping them daily helps a lot.
  9. The colour of the bedroom should be soft blue or pink, avoid bright or dark shades.

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