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Winning Your Lover Back Remedies

Acharya Karan V – Winning your lover back becomes ‘a necessity’ when you find yourself in a situation, where there is no one as understanding, loving or caring as your lover was once. Ex boyfriend or girlfriend who could be still in touch with you if you are lucky but in most of the cases you aren’t aware of their whereabouts which leads you to search the online social networks or ask old friends or groups about him or her. After you find their whereabouts from somewhere or their online profile, you try to contact them via call, message or through common friend hoping for a warm welcome in their respective lives which doesn’t happen at all.

There are series of complexities waiting your way which makes the task of winning your lover back near to impossible. Some of such complexities include your ex lover shifting to other place like for example if you both were in New Jersey but after you broke up your ex girlfriend shifted to Texas or some other place. It could be much worse that if she has left USA forever to some other country like Australia, Singapore or Dubai etc. This would definitely make your task much more difficult and full of uncertainties. It is possible that your ex has opted for a marriage or he /she is in serious relationship with someone and planning to get married soon.

The question of ‘How to win back your ex after hurting them?’ takes you to series of web searches regarding love spells, vashikaran experts or mohan kriya consultant etc. There are thousands of websites and consultants providing solution for your problem through various procedures, prayers, mantras etc. But how to be sure of anyone making tall claims, you need to 100% sure that nothing is easy in this world, though it is not ‘impossible’ either but any such procedure requires three things patience, trust on the Guru and consistent efforts form your side and his side. Only then you can expect some results on the path of winning your lover back.

It has been observed that in some cases only daily prayers of Goddess Kali or Lord Krishna yields desired results but for others one has to rely on other special procedures depending upon the complexities of situation. But astrologically there are certain principles by which one can determine whether you would be able to win your love back or not.


  1. Venus is said to be the planet associated with love or lover’s planet, so a strong placement of planet Venus in someone ‘Lagan Chart or D1’defines his or her strong inclination for love and it also signifies progressive happy emotional personal life. Some astrologers differs a bit as they emphasize on placement of planet Jupiter as well in addition to Venus when it comes to girl’s horoscope.
  2. ‘Mool Trikon’, having Venus in one of the Mool Trikon houses depicts auspiciousness of the planet and which could lead to a strong bonding with his or her lover. Such people are found very loyal, understanding and could go to any extend when it comes to winning their love.
  3. Venus in 7th or 11th house is very positive when it comes to having the person in your life as your love interest. Winning your lover back becomes easier when either of your Venus is placed in one of these houses.
  4. If Moon is present in the sign of Venus then there are very good chances of love marriage and if in any case you have broken up with your lover then it signifies good chances of getting back your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in your life once again.


  1. When in either of the horoscopes especially ‘Lagan Chart or D1’ Moon in any of the Mars signs
  2. Position of 7th house or its lord is very important, if the house is inflicted with malefic planets or same goes with the lord of seventh house then situation becomes really difficult.
  3. As mentioned above also position of Venus (Shukra) is very important, a weak or debilitated Venus can delay favourable scenario for ever.
  4. Venus infliction with Rahu brings cruelty in the relationship or it could lead to multiple love affairs as well.
  5. Venus combustion with Surya isn’t favourable for any relationship scenarios.
  6. 5th house is inflicted by Mars, Surya or Mercury – This is NOT favourable scenario for love marriage
  7. 5th house is inflicted by Moon, Rahu or Ketu – Results in instabilities in relationships
  8. Presence of Jupiter or Venus in 5th house is good indication when it comes to your soulmate.

Some of the general remedies for strengthening your relationships or winning your lover back are mentioned below –

  1. Lord Krishna puja or prayers yield miraculous results in most of the scenarios, offering flute etc.
  2. Revolving a coconut around your head and throwing it in river one a month helps reducing the tension in the relationship and is a good remedy for Rahu as well.
  3. Remedies to strengthen one’ Venus and Jupiter also assist in most complicated relationship situations and attracting your love toward you.

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